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Care & Repairs

Caring for your jewellery

We recommend you avoid wearing your jewellery during activities such as cooking, swimming, showering and sporting activities.

Resin is strong and durable but can break if dropped on a hard surface. After much wear, resin can benefit with some extra care to return it to its original lustre. To restore sheen, simply apply a tiny amount of olive oil on a soft and untreated cloth, polish and allow to dry. To clean semi-precious stone beads, wipe with a damp, soft and untreated cloth. Do not immerse in water or jewellery dip.

Jewellery on stretch string should be placed on hand individually and gently. Your hand should be an elongated closed shape with fingers together. When removing bracelet/s gently roll off individually, never pull with force or tug on the stretchy string to remove.


Repairs due to customer wear or damage will incur a fee, depending on the item and level of damage. Not all items are able to be repaired and may require replacement at the buyer’s expense. Please be sure to note care instructions before purchasing.